Classes are now available for in person 1 on 1 training courses and Zoom Business Trainings

1 on 1 Courses are now available for booking. Classes are held on Sundays. To secure and book an in person class please contact me by texting 843-287-4589

Business Meeting

1 on 1 Business Zoom Course

This courses was designed to help you work on your business by deep diving into your strategies such as understanding your target market or clarifying any ideas you are having. 

We can also take a deeper look at organizing your business and developing a budget for your finances. 

Contact 843-287-4589

Email: pharmonydayspa@gmail.com

Investment $75.00 1 Hour


Business Marketing & Advertising

In this zoom training I will show you the behind the scenes of how I market and advertise my business. In this training I will show you how I use canva to market and create my flyers for my business. We will also discuss booking links, google, and analytics of your business and how to read the charts. 

Class is held via Zoom

1 Hour

Investment $100.00



In this class we will discuss Theory and how the system is designed to work with the body, We will discuss contradictions of the treatment and how to properly perform the treatments. We will also do hands on trainings with a model. In this class we will discuss some marketing strategies. Vendor list is included in the training as well as wood therapy. For more in depth marketing strategies and steps I have taken to grow my business please think about attending my 1 on 1 Business Zoom Course.

To request a 1 on 1 training please email at pharmonydayspa@gmail.com or send a text to 843-287-4589

Course Investment: $649.00 2.5 Hrs. 

procedure of ion detox foot bath machine


In this class we will discuss theory and how the Foot Detox helps to restore and balance our clients we serve. We will discuss who is eligible for the treatment and who isn't not. Demonstration will be done on you so that you can receive and feel the benefits that your clients will also feel. We will discuss marketing to reach more clients as well.

To request a 1 on 1 training please email at pharmonydayspa@gmail.com or send a text to 843-287-4589

Course Investment: $100.00 1.5hrs

Image by Jakob Owens


In this class you will learn how to properly place and sculpt the gluteal area to help the client achieve proper results. With this training you will be able to utilize sculpting tools and vacuum machine to help achieve client results. Techniques are unique to my own business and brand. Machine is not included however vendor and machine types will be given.

Course Investment: $350.00

Madero therapy. Woman on anti cellulite massage treatment. Close up. Copy space. .jpg

Wood Therapy Training

Wood Therapy has been used in many treatments. Its benefits for the body are out numbered. You can really change a clients life and your own life with the use of this treatment. In this course I will teach you the fundamentals of sculpting with wood therapy treatments and proper use of each device. This course covers utilizing wood therapy for the entire body both front and back.

Course investment $350.00


Body Detox Wrap Training

In this course we will walk through he proper steps for wrapping and preparing your client for a detoxing treatment. We will also discuss protocol of when you should not use the detox wrap for clients. Looking to enhance your spa services and increase revenue this is a great addition to add. 

Investment: $150.00